Is NBA2k the Secret to De’Aaron Fox’s Success?


The 2017 NBA draft is possibly the deepest draft in the last decade. The first 10 picks could potentially change the future of a franchise forever. De’Aaron Fox is one of Kentucky’s best guards and projected to be the number 8 pick in the draft. His game has seen to replicate that of current NBA All-Star John Wall, due to his explosiveness and ability to attack the basket. He has led Kentucky to a 25-5 record and will hopefully lead the Wildcats to a title in March. His secret? PlayStation.

Now it may sound absurd that a simple video game would bring success at the Division I level, but De’Aaron Fox’s father certainly can vouch otherwise. “A lot of people don’t believe me, but I tell everyone that PlayStation helped him get where he is today”, De’Aaron Fox’s father says. “He learned pick-and-rolls. He learned how to roll off a ball screen”. A strange but seemingly effective method of coaching, PlayStation has built De’Aaron Fox’s basketball IQ and sharpened his offensive repertoire. He has incorporated moves that the video game players into his own game, such as the Allen Iverson Crossover and quick change of speeds. De’Aaron believes that by simply watching certain moves, even if it is from NBA 2k17, will help expand his basketball instincts and abilities.

Perhaps the next time you want to lace up for a game, you should get a quick run of 2K in first.

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