Road to the Pros: Marcelas Howard

Marcelas Howard Perry (right)

Young basketball players often grow up idolizing the idea of playing on TV in the NBA. The attention, fame, and fortune from playing professionally is too lucrative for any kid to not dream of. This was evident in a young Marcelas Howard Perry.

Perry grew up playing basketball at a recreational center in Sacramento called “Full Court”, where he honed his skills every day with the goal of one day playing basketball professionally. Currently, Perry seems to be on track, as he is playing Division II basketball at Holy Names University, however, Perry’s path to the pros wasn’t always that easy.

Perry originally played in junior college before he transferred to Holy Names. He had to put in countless hours of work in order to obtain a scholarship to play collegiate hoops. “I had to work my butt off to get a scholarship offer, and that I did. It takes dedication, hard work, and the right mindset,” Marcelas told us.

While all of this repetitive training may be boring for many athletes, Perry added his own personal flare to help fuel his passion for basketball. He owns his own YouTube channel, where he impersonates famous NBA players on their signature moves with his “Be Like” series. He was inspired by his close friend, Brandon Armstrong AKA BdotAdot5, to start making videos, and has been entertaining people from all over the world ever since. Marcelas’ “Kyrie Irving Be Like” video has over 1.2 million views, and his brand is only going to keep expanding. After college, Perry hopes to play basketball professionally and then either become a sports analyst or be a part of a sports debate show.

Continue to love what you do and your dreams will become a reality, Marcelas.


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