A Doublelift Story


Peter “Doublelift” Peng was not always considered to be one of North America’s top League of Legends players and a premier AD carry. Peng grew up as an introverted kid in Mission Viejo, California and his childhood did not consist of much besides him playing video games. He had a difficult relationship with his parents who did not appreciate the amount of time he spent gaming and they got into huge arguments just about every other day.

Peter found out about League of Legends through his older brother and his friends and immediately fell in love with the game. Peng decided to reveal to his parents that pro gaming was something he wanted to seriously pursue after qualifying for the Dreamhack Riot Season 1 Championship in 2011. The tournament was being held in Sweden and as expected, Peng’s parents were very skeptical and did not want him taking part in the event. Peng’s older brother was eventually able to convince his parents to let him attend the competition and he ended up winning around $1400. When Peng was 17, he had another fall-out with his parents and they ended up telling him to leave the house, so he did. Peng brought just his wallet, computer, and bike with him and uploaded this post to Reddit from his friend’s house.

Hi I’m Doublelift, formerly of team EG, and today I became homeless from leagueoflegends

Peter was able to raise thousands of dollars and find a place to stay from that post which motivated him even more to work hard and go the extra mile to accomplish his dream of becoming a pro gamer. A short while later, Peter was recruited to Team Curse which gave him a steady income and really helped him open up and be more comfortable interacting with other people. After his impressive performance on Curse Doublelift was picked up by CLG, one of the most successful teams in NA. And the rest? Well, you already know the rest.

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