Faker: Changing the Game


SKT’s Sang-hyeok Lee, screen name Faker, is possibly the best League of Legends player we have ever seen. He has 3 World Championship titles and is one of two players to have done so. His legendary play has earned him the title “God of League of Legends”. He is mechanically the best and every aspect of his play is above average compared to other mid laners in the world.

Faker is an extremely aggressive mid laner. He contests every CS his opponent grabs to prevent any advantage. After beating his lane, Faker helps gank other lanes to get his teammates ahead. When he fights other Champions, he is very smart and analytical with his approach, always analyzing his and his opponent’s Champions and plays to their strengths and weaknesses. He also has a natural instinct for the game, anticipating and dodging skill-shots that other professionals simply cannot do. The biggest thing that separates Faker, however, is the massive Champion pool he has at his disposal. He plays with over 20 Champions at a greater than 50%-win rate, something very few are capable of.

Outside of the game, Faker is doing something special. Similar to what Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods did to their respective sports, Faker is increasing the popularity of eSports and League of Legends around the world. Faker is a fan-favorite. People cannot wait to watch him play, and Riot has noticed. League of Legends has been waiting for a star who can change the game and turn it into a global sensation, and Faker is the person for it.

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