League of Legends Insane April Fools Joke


Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, pulled quite the April Fools joke the other day. When a player would normally play in a “blind pick”, where 5 human players go against a team of 5 other human players, the other team would appear as “bots”. Riot would then send out a message saying that this is for “advanced bot testing” and that people who leave or are AFK, away from keyboard, are subject to a penalty. In reality, Riot disabled the other team’s chat and changed each of their human player’s screen name to bot names. This caused huge confusion, and many players would leave the game thinking they chose the wrong mode. Consequentially, the player would be punished by having to wait 5 minutes before queuing in for the next 5 games.

Happy April Fools Day, Riot.

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