Jason Kidd Says Lonzo Comparison Is a Stretch, But The Numbers Say Otherwise

Coming into the NBA, Lonzo Ball has been dubbed as a Jason Kidd-like player. He isn’t the most polished player offensively, but his ability to make the extra pass and high ball IQ remind us of Jason Kidd. In an interview with ESPN, Jason Kidd stated

“The first thing (when making those comparisons) — does someone play hard for 48 minutes and are you willing to do anything to win?” Kidd said. ” … He has to understand what it means to play hard and what it means to win and how to win at the highest level. It takes time. Hopefully, in three years, maybe there is a better comparison. But right now, it is a stretch, and he has a ways to go.”

However, as we dive deeper into the numbers, it seems that they are closer than Kidd might have thought.

Lonzo still has to make improvements, as Jason Kidd eventually developed a relatively consistent jumper. But to say it’s a stretch doesn’t seem probable.


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