Why Jeremy Lin Changed His Hair

Jeremy Lin made headlines over the last few years for his radical hairstyles. He used to put so much gel in his hair that his mohawk would stay perfectly in place during NBA games. His newest hair phase is dreadlocks, a hairstyle that definitely isn’t common for those of Asian-American descent.

In an article published by the Players Tribune, Jeremy Lin gives insight on what motivated him for this change. He states:

“Before I got older and had a family and kids and all of that, I wanted to be able to say to myself, Who cares what anyone else thinks? For me, the different hairstyles became a fun way to do that.”

Lin repeatedly states how he understands the cultural impact of his recent hairstyle. However, his hairstyle isn’t a way to “fit in” with the culture of the NBA. Rather, he uses it as a way to express himself. This is something he wants to do, and he doesn’t care what other people think, which is possibly why he responded so kindly and maturely to Kenyon Martin’s comments about his hairstyle.


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