Joel Embiid Roasts Karl Anthony Towns On Instagram

Joel Embiid loves talking trash. Joel Embiid told Ben Simmons to dunk on Lonzo so hard he goes crying after his Dad. He told the entire Heat team and bench that Whiteside was going to foul out guarding him. He also told the NBA not to mess with him because he’s 7’2, big, and African.

You can be sure to add Karl Anthony Towns to the list of victims of Joel Embiid. A day after beating the Timberwolves, 76ers star Joel Embiid went on Instagram to celebrate the overtime victory. He’s done this before and always includes fun Easter eggs like the time Philadelphia defeated the Lakers and location tagged himself in Lavar (for Lavar Ball).

Knowing Joel Embiid, you can bet he used the term raising the cat not because that’s been an unofficial celebratory slogan of the 76ers, but because he’s referencing KAT — Karl-Anthony Towns.

Whether or not Joel Embiid tries to actually piss people up is up to the general media. For now, it just seems that he wants to have fun in the NBA. He even said that all he has is the utmost respect for Lavar and Lonzo despite the trash talk.


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