Kyle Korver’s Discusses His Keys To His Incredible 3 Point Shooting

Kyle Korver is in the NBA because of his incredible shooting. It’s as simple as that. In today’s game, if you can shoot, there is a spot for you. But how did he become one of the best catch-and-shoot players in the game? Aside from the countless hours in the gym, Kyle Korver has developed a meticulous 20-point mental checklist whenever he shoots.

1. Wide stance.
2. Exaggerated legs.
3. Drop through heels.
4. Engage core.
5. Slight bend at waist.
6. Up strong.
7. Elbow straight.
8. One hand.
9. Fingers spread.
10. Slight pause.
11. Elbow up.
12. Land forward.
13. See the top of the rim.
14. Ball on fingertips.
15. Strong shot.
16. Shoulders forward and relaxed.
17. Ball and arm risen straight.
18. Hold the follow through.
19. Keep the release point high.
20. On turns, square shoulders.

Yes, that’s 20 things that you’re going to need to start thinking about every time you fling one up in your next recreational league game. But don’t worry; Korver has realistic expectations:

“I’m not going to check every single one of them every time,” Korver said. “There’s a certain point, a certain feel I’m trying to get to every day. Some things, you do more naturally. Some things, I have to think about them. As I’m shooting, I have this list in the back of my head, and I know I’m not doing one or two of them. Once I feel I get all 20 of them clicking, then I’m going to have natural rhythm in my shot.”


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