LeBron James On How He Can Pass Michael Jordan As The GOAT

Last summer, LeBron James said there was one thing motivating him. The Ghost in Chicago. After a historic comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals, LeBron was the topic of many GOAT conversations. Analysts and fans across the world dubbed him and Jordan as the top two. Come June 2017 and LeBron’s Cavs lost in 5 to the offensive firepower in Golden State.

This puts LeBron at a 3-5 Finals total, which is quite a ways away from Jordan’s impeccable 6-0. However, in a GQ interview, LeBron has quite the theory for what can put him ahead of the Ghost in Chicago.

“If I was the most consistent and was at the top of the food chain more than anybody in NBA history”, says LeBron. And while his 7 consecutive trips to the NBA Finals sure prove his dominance, LeBron still has much to prove. A comeback win this year, after Kyrie leaving him, would put him once again in the conversation in the eyes of many.

What will LeBron have to do to surpass MJ? Comment below!


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