Why Lonzo Ball Is Struggling To Score

Recently, Lakers Film Room uploaded a video onto YouTube regarding Lonzo Ball’s struggles offensively. Here is a quick summary of the video:

1. Finishing at the Rim

Lonzo tends to over penetrate, often trying to meet the big man at the rim rather than taking a mid-range pull up. This could be due to his shooting mechanics. He needs to slow himself down as most of his misses occur when help defense comes in. He either needs to get stronger to finish over help or look for the open man. Additionally, Lonzo isn’t very comfortable finishing with his right hand, as he goes to a left-handed reverse too often, even when it is unnecessary.

2. Shooting

Lonzo is shooting 4/10 on step-backs this season which is pretty considering he is shooting sub 30 from the field and sub 25 from 3. This could be due to him jumping too far forward on his normal jump shot.

Watch the full video here!