Michael Jordan Regrets Playing For The Wizards According To Ray Lewis

Michael Jordan’s second return out of retirement didn’t go as well as the first.

M.J. first shocked the sports world retiring after the 1992-93 NBA season to pursue a professional baseball career. He returned in 1995 and went on to win three more championships with the Chicago Bulls before retiring again in 1998.

At age 38, Jordan returned again to play two more seasons with the Washington Wizards, a decision that he regrets when looking back on.

In a discussion on Fox Sports’ ‘Speak for Yourself’ about whether Aaron Rodgers should ever leave Green Bay, Lewis brought up a couple of NBA players – Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, who told Ray, that he regrets playing for the Washington Wizards.

“This is the honest goddamn truth. M.J. – I’ll never forget this – said to me, “The only thing I regret is putting on another uniform.””

Jordan may feel like he ruined his legacy by playing for the Wizards and not making the playoffs in his last two career seasons. In truth, everyone remembers Jordan being a Bull, and that won’t ever change.


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