Do what you love: Dom2k


Ever heard of the saying, “Love what you do, and do what you love”? Essentially it means to ignore how much money you could make, what other people think of it, or how much success it can set you up for. Instead, focus on the one thing you are truly passionate about.

Nobody embodies this saying better than Dom2k, a basketball enthusiast who combined YouTube and basketball to fuel his dream. After falling in love with the game in 3rd grade, Dominique Willis, now 21, spent most of his life around the game. Whether it was playing for a competitive organization, messing around in a game of pick-up with friends, or having interesting debates with his father, basketball always seemed to make its way into Dom’s life.

This extraordinary love for the game coupled with Dom’s unique opinion on the game helped him create his channel Dom2k, where he provides viewers with interesting hypothetical solutions, riveting facts about a player and their legacy, and idiosyncratic opinions about events relating to the NBA.

Dom claims that the channel raised in popularity after he created the video “The top 3 times Lebron’s legacy was on the line…and he responded”

Currently, with over 1.7 million views, this video is just an example of how informative and creative Dom2k is with his content. However, this is not the only way he wants to separate himself with other YouTubers. Dominique obviously hopes that his content is entertaining to his fans, but the message he really hopes to send is that anything is possible as long as you are passionate and love what you’re doing. He created his channel with the intention of showcasing interesting basketball topics that he found interesting and loved to talk about. This passion ultimately allowed him to possibly turn this into a career one day. In our interview with him, he stated,

“I also want to influence people to do what they love, because creating content is something I love and may eventually live off of, so I’d like to show people they can turn what they love into something that takes care of them one day.”

Most notably, however, is how hard Dom2k tries to relate to his fans. He prides himself with trying to answer as many questions he can from his fans while noting that they often get “starstruck” from the bare fact that Dom2k is replying to them. At the end of the day, he just wants them to realize he is a regular guy.

Do what you love, and love what you do, Dominque.

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