Meet Trashaun Willis: One-Armed Dunker


Nothing is worse in middle school than being different. However, for 6’3″ 8th grader Trashaun Willis ‘different’ is something he embraces. The phenom runs hurdles in track, competes in the high jump, is the quarterback of his football team, and a star on his basketball team.

Trashaun’s in-game dunks blew up the internet and served as an inspiration to many.

But what separates Trashaun from other 14 year-olds besides his height and athletic ability? Well, he does all this without a left arm.

Trashaun Willis was born with one arm and he has learned to turn the ridicule and doubt into motivating factors.

“I’m used to getting looked at as, like, an underdog,” he said. “So it just makes me perform harder and do better and try to do better than everyone else.”

Trashaun hopes to play Varsity basketball next year and it doesn’t look like anything can stand in his way.

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