NBA Executive Says That Cavs Should Consider “Moving LeBron” If Struggle Continues

Recently, an NBA executive weighed in his thoughts on the early struggles for the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck, here is what he said,

“What if the struggles continue? What if [Isaiah] Thomas’ comeback sputters? Would the Cavaliers give up on what might be James’ final season in Cleveland? Or would the Nets pick suddenly be in play? I think the pressure gets pretty high,” said a rival team executive. “If it’s not working, they should either move the [Nets] pick or [Kevin] Love or LeBron. Those should all be on the table.”

While there have been many rumors that LeBron is going to leave Cleveland this year, a decent shot at the championship this year can be a convincing argument for LeBron to stay.

On the other hand, who in the right mind hired this NBA exec? The Cav’s have a .500 record, but it’s only 14 games into the season. The Cavaliers don’t have Isaiah Thomas, and even if they struggle when he does get back, it will most likely be due to a lack of chemistry, something they can fix by the playoffs. The Cavaliers are also filled with veterans who don’t really care too much about the regular season and are only preparing for the playoffs. Plus, the Cavaliers have LeBron James who is on cruise control right now and still putting up ridiculous numbers.

Nothing to worry about for Cleveland besides getting ready for another trip to the Finals. LeBron’s free agency/potential rebuild can be discussed after another LeBron/Golden State Finals.


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