5 NBA Players That Could Play In The NFL

(Tim Heitman-USA TODAY)

Although they are two completely different sports, there are a few freak athletes in the NBA who I believe could have successful careers in the NFL as well.

Here are 5 NBA players that could or could have played in the NFL:

Shaquille O’Neal – TE

This 7’1″, 300 pound beast we call Shaq could’ve potentially been the the tallest player in NFL history. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t Shaq too big and slow? Well, I’m not talking about the Lakers and Heat Shaq. I’m talking the Orlando Magic Shaq, the 20 year old kid who could move like a guard and had the hands of a wide receiver. Shaq dominated the tight end position in high school, and who knows what he could’ve accomplished in the NFL?

Russell Westbrook – WR

He’s explosive, has crazy bounce, and gives it his all every time he steps on the court. What more could you ask for in a wide receiver?

Rajon Rondo – QB

Rondo has had brighter days in the NBA, however let’s not forget that he is an incredibly smart player and is still one of the best passers in the league. Rajon also has massive 9 1/2 inch hands which doesn’t hurt. He also played football growing up and should have no problem finding his team mates.

Nate Robinson – CB

Nate Robinson started off as a football player for the Washington Huskies before he transitioned to basketball, so we know the guy can play both sports very well. He started 6 games for the University of Washington and had two interceptions in the Sun Bowl. Robinson was very good at using his quickness and size to his advantage. He’s even gotten a tryout with the Seahawks, so this guy is the real deal.

LeBron James – TE

Lastly we have the most obvious player, LeBron James. This freak of nature is 250 pounds of pure muscle and has a 40+ inch vertical. As Tom Brady says, “just throw it up” and LeBron will probably find a way to come down with it.

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