5 Ridiculous Things You Need To Know About This Year’s NBA Finals


While we prepare ourselves for Game 5 between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, let’s take a look at 5 ridiculous moments that have happened so far.

1.  Kyle Korver dunked

Yes, I said it. Kyle Korver DUNKED. Although he might have traveled, the 36-year-old showed us he can still throw nearly 2 dunks a year!

2. LeBron James has a ridiculous plus-minus

In the 26 minutes that LeBron James has sat in the Finals, the Warriors have outscored the Cavaliers by 49 points per 100 possession, while the Cavaliers are a +6 when the King is on the court.

3. Dahntay Jones has a ridiculous plus-minus

Dahntay Jones was possibly the first player to hurt his team before even getting out of his warm-up suit. He received a technical foul in Game 4, which led to a point to the Warriors before he even suited up.

4. Dwayne Wade looks like Fun-Dip

Now, this is just outright ridiculous. Come on D-Wade, don’t model your hair after candy.

5. Courtside tickets for Game 5 are 133k

Two fans bought courtside floor tickets for Game 5 for just a little over $133,000 dollars. Wow…

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