Why Do Basketball Players Wear Warm-Ups On The Bench?

Toronto Raptors v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game One
(Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Have you ever wondered why NBA players go to the bench and put on more clothes after getting subbed out of games? Is it because it’s cold courtside? Are they contractually obligated to do so?

The answer may be simpler than you think. When you play, your body temperature rises, and when you get out of the game, your body cools down. When your body cools down, your muscles contract and tighten which results in the body feeling cold and stiff. Playing under these conditions increases the amount of stress placed on the muscle and the risk injury. To avoid injury, players try to stay as warm as possible on the bench. The warmer the muscles, the more they can flex without strain, and the more work the athlete can sustain.

Warm-Ups allow athletes to stay warm on the sidelines and keep their muscles loose, hence the name “Warm-Ups.”

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