Isaiah Thomas: Nearly Undrafted to MVP


Isaiah Thomas is having one hell of a season right now. Not only is he having the best statistical season of his career, but he also has led his team to a projected second seed ranking in the Eastern Conference. At 5’9, Thomas leaves us in awe with what he can do on the basketball court. However, before all of this happened, there was one point where we questioned whether he would have even played in the NBA.

The 2011 draft was one for the books. With all eyes on Duke’s Kyrie Irving and Connecticut’s Kemba Walker, teams weren’t interested at all in Isaiah Thomas. He was a 5’9 point guard, and every GM had doubts about his ability to score, distribute, and defend at the elite level. 59 picks in the draft, Thomas’ goal of playing in the NBA that year seemed nearly improbable. However, the Sacramento Kings, a team who was desperately in need of a guard, took a gamble and selected Isaiah Thomas with the last pick in the draft.

Things never got easier for Thomas. He proved everyone wrong his 3rd year in the league, averaging 20.3 points per game while only starting in 54 games. Despite his efforts, Thomas was traded by the Kings and sent to the Phoenix Suns. Since the Suns ran a 3-guard offense, Thomas came off the bench and never reached his full potential. Thus, he was traded to the Boston Celtics, where he continued to play as the “sixth” man. All in all, Isaiah Thomas has lived a life where he has been undervalued and worked his way to prove himself.

This season could be special. Isaiah Thomas could be the only player in the history of the NBA to go from a 4 year $27 million dollar contract to a 5 year $179 million dollar contract. Additionally, Thomas could finally have a season where he starts in every game. Work hard, and people will respect you, Isaiah.

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