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Sports. Why do we love them? For some of us, it may be the competitive
nature that allows us to tap into our primal, animalistic aggression.
For others, it may be the inspirational storylines that stir the
little kid in us, allowing us to dream and be a little naive once
again. There are a multitude of reasons for why we play and watch
sports, however when we do, they give us a chance to leave behind our
troubles and an opportunity to escape to another world. It is for this
reason why AFunkyDiabetic, aka Billy, decided to create his YouTube

AFunkyDiabetic uses YouTube as a platform to share his opinions on NBA
players and teams. His humor and unique takes on the game of
basketball helped him quickly grow his audience and amass over 80,000
subscribers. What really drew Billy to basketball was the excitement
he felt from the unpredictability and limitless possibilities of the
sport. “The beauty of NBA based content is you always have something
to talk about. I’ll be making videos on the NBA draft, free agents and
trades this offseason. I’ll be speaking on how I feel 2018 will go for
some teams. I can see myself doing top 5 at each position going into
next year as well”, Billy told us.

But what ultimately continues Billy to create content are his viewers
and the chance to help them find their escape when they are facing
tough times.

“My viewers are smart and mature. It’s awesome to put out my opinion
on basketball and have them give me different ideas and opinions,
without ever being rude about it. I can’t thank them enough. It’s
humbling to see messages about someone’s day being brightened because
of a video of mine. Besides that, it’s great to be able to sleep till
3 pm and still be doing something with my life.”

– AFunkyDiabetic


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