The NBA’s Best Perimeter Defender According To Damian Lillard


Damian Lillard is one of the best scorers in the NBA. He can shoot lights out from virtually anywhere on the court and is just as dominant when attacking the basket. After beating the Boston Celtics in a regular season game last year, Damian sent Avery Bradley a message. “I told him he was the best perimeter defender in the league,” Lillard said after his Portland Trail Blazers topped the Celtics, 116-109. “Because he is.” Avery Bradley has continued to make strides defensively this year, leading the Celtics in steals at 1.2 a game. Additionally he has also seen improvement offensively, averaging a career high, 16.3 points in the regular season. The future is bright for these two studs, and their next matchup will be exciting to say the least.

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