Russell Westbrook Opens 10th Reading Room

(Richard Rowe/NBAE via Getty Images)

2016-2017 NBA MVP or not, Russell Westbrook will still always be seen as a MVP in his community. The Oklahoma City superstar recently opened his 10th ‘Russell’s Reading Room’ after opening nine reading rooms throughout Oklahoma City and Los Angeles.

“Literacy is very important to me, and my foundation and what I believe in, and I think, you know, it starts young,” Westbrook said.

Every student got to pick a book to take home, and Russell even stuck around to help the kids pick out a good one.

“They were so excited. Their hearts were beating so fast. You could already see the expectation surpassed on their faces. I think that’s something they’re not going to easily forget about,” said Juiana Gutierrez with Oklahoma City Public Schools.

One of Westbrook’s main goals with this initiative is to help kids find ways to get excited about reading, and it appears to be working out just fine:

Great job, Russell.

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