Shaq’s Mom ends Shaq vs. JaVale McGee Beef

(Raymond Hall/FilmMagic)

Shaq vs. JaVale has been the biggest beef so far in 2017. Shaq has been exposing McGee on his show Shaqtin’ a Fool for the past six years, and what began as shits and giggles has escalated to threats on Twitter and Momma Shaq stepping in.

Here is a summary of Shaq and JaVale’s twitter war:

Sorry JaVale, but Shaq wins this one with that picture. All jokes aside, last Saturday Shaq told The Undefeated that he’ll lay off McGee because mama told him to.

Shaq said his his mother told him, “Stop this silliness. Leave him alone.”

“That’s the end of the beef. You won’t be hearing about it from my side anymore. Mama has spoken,” Shaq said.

However, this may not be over yet as JaVale McGee’s mother, Pamela wants the NBA to take action.

“He cyberbullied my son,” Pamela McGee told The Undefeated. “Totally inappropriate. Shaquille needs to lose his job or be suspended. The NBA needs to make a stand.”

While cyberbullying is not acceptable in any way, to Shaq’s defense, JaVale has done some pretty bizarre things in his 9-year career.

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