Nene On Carmelo Anthony: “He Could Have Been The Best In The League But He’s Too Selfish”

Nene played with Carmelo Anthony for the better part of Melo’s career. In Denver, Carmelo Anthony made it to the Western Conference Finals twice, the furthest he’s gone in the playoffs for a while now.

A few months ago in an interview with Canal Chuà, Nene said that his former teammate could have been the best player in the NBA—if he wasn’t as “selfish.” Starting at 8:17:

Roughly translated from Portuguese by Reddit user u/albzim:

Tell me a little bit about Carmelo Anthony, one of the best scorers I’ve ever seen.

Nene: “Carmelo man… He’s a guy who could’ve been the best player in the League—the way he uses his body, the accuracy on his shots, the variation of dribbles and shots that he has, and his low-post fundamentals…”

He’s insane in the post. His jab step is the best in the League.

Nene: “Yeah he is simply the best down there, but he’s just too selfish. He can’t make his teammates better. If he did that, he could’ve been the best in the League. Oh, and if he played defense… Because he knows how to guard people, I played with him for 8 years, so I know.”


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