Julian Edelman Is Not Good Enough

Julian Edelman with the Super Bowl LI Trophy. (Keith Nordstrom)

Julian Edelman isn’t supposed to be in the NFL. Scouts said he was too small, too weak, and would not be able to make an impact at the next level. Edelman’s journey to the NFL was not easy by any means and he was overlooked his whole life.

Julian was not heavily recruited out of high-school. He was a 3-star Quarterback, listed at just 5-feet-10-inches tall. However, the College of San Mateo decided to give him a chance and that was all Julian needed. That season Edelman rushed for a school-record 1,253 yards and 17 touchdowns, which resulted in a Division 1 offer from Kent State University. After transferring to Kent State, Edelman proceeded to shatter more records. By his senior year Jules was the Golden Flashes’ leading passer and rusher, and his total offense broke the school’s single-season record set by Joshua Cribbs in 2003.

After all this, Edelman didn’t even receive an invitation to the 2009 NFL Combine. But Julian didn’t quit. He recognized that he would not cut it as a quarterback in the NFL so he transformed himself into a receiver. Julian woke up at 3:30 and trained 5 to 6 days a week leading up to the 2009 Kent State Pro Day. Jules knew that the Pro Day was his chance to turn some heads, and he did by running the short shuttle in 3.91 seconds; the fastest time at the Combine that year was 3.96 seconds.

His Pro Day performance helped him just get by and in 2009 the New England Patriots selected Julian Edelman with the 27th pick of the seventh round. Edelman rode the bench for his first few years in the league, playing behind vets like Joey Galloway, Randy Moss, and Wes Welker. However, Julian wisely did not let this deter him. He kept training and took this as an opportunity to soak up as much as he could from the more seasoned players.

In 2013, Jules finally got his chance. Wes Welker had left the Patriots prior to the season which freed up some minutes, and Edelman pounced on the opportunity. With more playing time, Julian was able to become Brady’s trusted right-hand man and develop into one of the league’s best wide receivers.

Jules is now a 2x Super Bowl Champion, and just made one of the most incredible catches ever to help New England clinch their 5th title this season.

Julian Edelman is not good enough. Any ordinary person in Julian’s shoes would not have been a college athlete, let alone a pro football player. But Julian isn’t ordinary. He literally willed himself into the NFL and like his father said, “He is possessed, possessed . . . always has been. If Jules wants it, he wants it, and there’s no stopping him — he’s gonna get it.”


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