A reminder that the Magic’s Jonathon Simmons once paid $150 just for a D-League tryout

Jonathan Simmons has been an integral piece to the Magic’s impressive 8 – 5 start this season. He is averaging 15.2 points on the season, providing the Magic with much needed energy and hustle off the bench. Simmons is looking like a potential candidate for the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award, which would be well deserved. Just 5 years ago, Simmons went undrafted in the 2012 NBA Draft and then paid $150 for just a tryout in the NBA developmental league.

“That wasn’t my last penny, but I just used that as a way to show my face in front of some big league scouts and just kind of figured it out from there. It wasn’t a dream just to be in the NBA. I just did that to try to build my resume so maybe something would happen overseas,” Simmons said.

“Who knows. I think it was more the love of the game. Just wanted to stick with it and try another option, and look what happened now. It’s perseverance and just the will and not wanting to give up,” Simmons said.

As cliche as it is, Simmons’ perseverance and love for the game helped elevate himself and attribute to the success that he is having now.


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