Roger Federer’s Keys To Late Age Success

Roger Federer is widely regarded as the greatest tennis player of all time. He holds the most amount of Men’s Grand Slam titles in one of the most competitive era’s of the sport. This year, he complete the Sunshine Double, defeated Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open Final, and won Wimbeldon. While he obviously is talented, he has adapted his game to play at a high level even at age 36. Here are a few things that Federer has done:


The biggest improvement in Federer’s game this year is no doubt his backhand. In previous years, opponents would attack Federer’s weaker one-handed backhand. Nadal, in particular, had a vicious forehand with an absurd amount of topspin, which made it very difficult for Federer. With new equipment and a stronger backhand, Federer has been able to aggressively attack with his backhand. No more slices for Federer!

Serve and volley

While the game of tennis has changed to a more behind the baseline type, Federer and his coach Ivan Ljubicic hope to implement more serve and volleys, which we definitely saw in Melbourne earlier this year.


Sneak Attack By Federer. SABR has been developed in the late months of 2015 by Roger Federer and is a great example of his brilliance. It is simply a half-volley return against an opponent’s second serve, which throws the server off and allows Federer to control the pace of the volley. We can definitely expect Federer to continue to use this as well as possibly creating more genius tactics.


At age 36, Federer has publicly made it known that his body has a hard time adjusting to the grueling pains of a tennis tournament, especially coming off major injuries in 2016. One thing to note is that Federer has taken extreme care of his body. It was shown in Melbourne that Federer is still agile and limber. Afterward, he still seems optimistic about title number 19 at Wimbledon. We should expect to see Federer continue to play for the next few years.


This is perhaps the biggest thing that Federer has gained from the 2017 Australian Open. While Federer has reached numerous Grand Slam Finals since his 17th Grand Slam Title at the 2012 Wimbledon, his low confidence in believing that he could continue to win has eluded him from a few more victories. In fact, Federer came to his match with Rafael Nadal at this years Australian Open with doubts about whether or not he would win. Needless to say, this win has given Federer the confidence he needs to compete the next few years.


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