How Steph Curry Became One Of The Best Shooters In NBA History

Steph Curry’s impact on the game is huge. As one of the greatest, if not the greatest, shooters in NBA history, Curry showed why NBA offenses require threats from the outside to create space and open lanes for others.

However, most people probably do not know that Curry had to change his shot in his sophomore season of high school in order to continue playing at a high level. Like most small kids, Curry had a relatively low release point and shot it closer to his waist.

Curry was almost always the smallest player on the court. Combine that with his shooting form, and it was evident to his father and himself that he had to make a change to have a chance to play in college.

Curry noted the change as being, “the most frustrating summer”.  He was forced to break the shot down from the very beginning, acting as if he never learned shot a basketball in his entire life. “There were some days where I couldn’t shoot outside the paint area”, Curry says. The most difficult part of the process with the patience. Curry still had to compete in tournaments that summer, and without the confidence of being able to shoot the 3 ball, you can only imagine how Curry felt playing in games.

In the end, it seems as it paid off. Curry has changed the way basketball is being played, particularly with his ability to shoot incredibly accurate 3’s off the live dribble.

Success isn’t easy. Curry is a perfect example of that.


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