Steph Curry Once Shot 100 3 Pointers And You Won’t Believe How Many He Made

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is a great 3 pointer shooter but just how good is he? A while back, he kept track of 100 3 pointers. He hit an incredible 77 straight from beyond the arc and ended up making 94/100.

Yes, 94% for 3 pointers. NBA 3 pointers too. It’s incredible, but if anyone can do it, it would be Steph Curry. Curry’s teammate Klay Thompson told ESPN that his personal record was 36 in a row.

Curry recently hit 2000 in total field goals made for 3 pointers. He shattered all of the records, beating the closest competitor by 227 games. He is a career 43.5% 3 point shooter and shoots 90% from the line. For some perspective, Kobe Bryant shot 45% from the field.

Curry is incredible.


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