Steven Lim Practiced Free Throws Everyday For 30 Days To See If He Could Beat A Pro Basketball Player

Basketball is a team game. Players are not expected to be well-rounded in every aspect, although it would be nice. Point guards these days are notorious for dazzling offenses while leaving defense to the shooting guards. Big men bang down low and aren’t expected to shoot from the outside (although this is changing). The most conspicuous aspect that confuses fans, however, is the fact the big men, and some guards, can’t shoot free throws. No one is guarding you, and it is a shot they have probably practiced for years. People like Andre Roberson have become the laughing stock of memes for airballing free throws on numerous occasions, causing laughter for the bench and disgust for the fans.

Steven Lim, the notorious creator of Worth It on BuzzFeed, decided to test this theory out. He dedicated 30 days to practicing free throws and challenged a WNBA player to a free throw contest. His practice regimen generally consisted of shooting 100 free throws a day, where we saw an increase from an original 37/100 to 79/100. He additionally seeks advice from a professional basketball coach as well as a psychiatrist.

While Steven, unfortunately, loses in the free throw competition, he does make a drastic improvement. Which brings the question on why can’t every NBA player shoot free throws at a 70% clip? While fatigue and game-time pressure plays a big factor, let it be known that with practice, average joes and NBA players can improve on their free throw shooting.

Watch the video below!


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