The Story Of When God Shammgod Gave Kobe Ball Handling Tips

God Shammgod might have been one of the best ball handlers to ever play the game. Although his career was short-lived, God Shammgod was famous for his iconic “Shammgod” crossover that players such as Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford, and Kyrie Irving have imitated. Despite being in an era where big men dominated the game, God Shammgod’s nasty handles heavily influenced the younger generation. One notable person that quickly noticed Shammgod’s adept ability is none other than the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant.

God Shammgod’s first meeting with Kobe was during a high school training camp. At first, God Shammgod just saw Kobe as a kid who moved as if he was Jordan and believed that he could be better than Jordan. After that day, Kobe’s father asked God Shammgod to help his son with his ball handling, particularly his crossover move.

Some of his tips included adding a daily handling routine before every workout, getting lower to the ground, etc. Fast forward to Kobe’s early years and you will see a vicious crossover similar to that of God Shammgod.

Shammgods best impression of Kobe? That he was one of the few to believe he could surpass Michael.


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